About Us

Andiamo Home Co-Founders Aurora and Andrew are a husband and wife team based out of Colorado Springs, CO. They started this company to bring you solutions for inconveniences that are an unfortunate part your everyday life. Their products gravitate around your home and your everyday tasks to keep it up and running. We believe in creating products of quality to help you be more efficient in your home.


From a young age Aurora has always had an entrepreneur spirit. Her dad owns and operates his own business and she loved going to work with him seeing the ins and out of the operation and fell in love with the business world.  Many years later after she got married and started her own family she had an idea she couldn’t afford to not act on. Being a stay at home mom while working on getting her real estate license, she started to bring Laundry Buddy to life. Most important to Aurora is being able to show her two boys that anything is possible if you work hard and you can never go wrong when your intentions are to help others.


Growing up, Andrew knew exactly what his calling in life was. He was going to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Firefighter. In his adult life, Andrew has worked for 4 different Fire Departments from Southern California to the Front Range of Colorado. His passion for helping people has joined forces with his wife’s entrepreneurial spirit to create Andiamo Home and bring solutions to everyday household problems that everyone can relate to.